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Indian Orthodontic Conference 2020

Date: From 19 November 2020 To 21 November 2020
Venue : Amritsar, Punjab

The theme of the conference is 'Smiles 2020 and Beyond: a prism of Opportunities'. The conference shall provide an extraordinary opportunity to share the academic content in the clinical, basic sciences and providing an ideal platform for orthodontists for fellowship program.
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Annual Conference of Indian Society for Dental Research

Date: From 08 October 2020 To 10 October 2020
Venue : New Delhi, India

The conference will cover the aspects of dental and cutting edge basic sciences research. The speakers will cover implant dentistry, newer composites, microscopic endodontics and surgery, digital dentistry, applications and subjects like stem cell research, nano-sciences etc.
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Annual World Dental Summit

Date: From 06 May 2020 To 07 May 2020
Venue : Zagreb, Croatia

The conference aims at strengthening bonds and fostering collaboration within the global oral health community. A premier interdisciplinary platform for researchers, practitioners to discuss recent innovations, trends, concerns and practical challenges encountered, solutions adopted in the fields of Dentistry and Oral Health.
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European Forum on Dental Practice and Oral Health

Date: From 05 March 2020 To 06 March 2020
Venue : Rome, Italy

Dental Forum 2020 Conference is based on the theme “A Comprehensive access to Modern Dentistry”. A specially designed cluster conference that comprises keynote presentations, poster presentations, workshops, panel discussions and exhibitions and industry-academic interactive sessions.
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International Conference on Orthodontics

Date: From 24 September 2020 To 25 September 2020
Venue : Dubai, UAE

The theme of the conference is “Endurance and Excellence in Orthodontics and Dental Implants”. Dental Implants and Orthodontics Conference is designed with multitude of tracks to choose from every segment and provide a unique opportunity to meet up with peers within the world of Dentistry.
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Conference of Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons of India

Date: From 25 March 2020 To 27 March 2020
Venue : Dehradun, India

The main theme of the Conference is "Gold Standards in OMFS". The scientific deliberation at the speciality conference intends to inspire the new generation and upcoming Maxillofacial surgeons to set very high standards in the field of Maxillofacial surgery.
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International Conference on Advanced Dentistry and Dental Science

Date: From 22 March 2020 To 23 March 2020
Venue : Toronto, Canada

The theme of the conference is “Peregrinate the Modernistic Modification in Dental Science & Oral Health”. The Advanced Dentistry conference aims to originate recent dental education, management and practice in alliance to health imbalance and latitude of related topics.
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Makkah International Dental Conference and Exhibition

Date: From 20 March 2020 To 22 March 2020
Venue : Makkah, KSA

This conference aims to enrich scientific research in the field of oral and dental surgery, collaborate with local and international countries, and raise awareness about dental hygiene and standards. The exhibition will provide leading brands with an opportunity to showcase their latest cutting-edge technologies.
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Conference on Cortico-Basal Implantology

Date: From 12 December 2019 To 14 December 2019
Venue : Jaipur, India

This conference with the theme "Aesthetic & Prosthetics advancements in Cortico-Basal Implantology" is being focuses on topics such as how to avoid failures in cortico-basal implantology, strategic principles of occlusion, disciplines of strategic implants, difficulties with mandibular rehabilitation.

UAE International Dental Conference and Arab Dental Exhbition

Date: From 03 February 2020 To 05 February 2020
Venue : Dubai, UAE

This conference with the theme "Education & Innovation Transfer" will have lectures from more than 150 international speakers and hands-on workshops on various aspects of dentistry. The exhibition will display the latest technologies and products by more than 2484 exhibiting companies.