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New antiseptic mouthwash shows promising effects with less CHX

Time : 23rd of June 2022 09:06:28 AM Dentistry

Curaprox Perio plus regenerate showed a potent antibacterial effect with only 0.09% chlorhexidine digluconate (CHX) and a unique additives blend, as per a study. Additives like citrox reduce biofilm viability, xylitol inhibits biofilm formation, hyaluronic acid enhances wound healing, and poly-L-lysine boosts active compounds' substantivity in the mouth.
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European Federation of Periodontology issues Stage IV periodontitis guidelines

Time : 22nd of June 2022 01:39:42 PM Dentistry

The guidelines were addressed at EuroPerio10 by 3 experts. They outline the 5 diagnostic pathways to assess stage IV periodontitis. Also, they state that the treatment begins with the available recommendations for Stage I, II and III periodontitis, and the therapy for Stage IV disease can involve orthodontic therapy and prostheses construction to replace the missing teeth.
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Nanosize robots could effectively kill bacteria in root canals

Time : 30th of May 2022 02:42:16 PM Dentistry

Nano-sized robots were able to penetrate nearly 2,000 μm into the dental tubules and could acquire vast improvements in penetration depth than ultrasonic and laser-activated, according to the researchers. Also, they believed that killing bacteria using heat can be a safe alternative to using antibiotics or harsh chemical agents to decontaminate a root canal.

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Patients with dentures could be at increased risk of nutritional deficiencies

Time : 27th of May 2022 11:11:09 AM Physician/Medicine,Nutrition & Fitness,Dentistry

A decrease in serum creatinine, albumin and BUN and increased levels of eGFR were observed in patients with complete edentulous after receiving their dentures, as per a study. Also, those patients with dentures had reduced serum albumin, serum calcium and protein compared with the controls. Partially edentulous patients had a decrease in BUN, total cholesterol, and THS.

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Anti-cancer therapy could cause dental developmental anomalies

Time : 18th of May 2022 10:43:28 AM Pharma News,Paediatrics,Oncology,Dentistry

Childhood cancer survivors experienced various dental developmental anomalies (DDAs) based on the kind of oncological treatment administered, as per a study. Children who received chemotherapy with and without radiation had a 52% and 43% prevalence of DDAs, respectively. Various DDAs include hypodontia, impaction, root and enamel structure damage, and premature eruption.

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Type 2 diabetes mellitus could increase the risk of tooth loss

Time : 13th of May 2022 10:25:27 AM Endocrinology & Diabetes,Dentistry

Patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus had an elevated risk of tooth decay and tooth loss, with an adjusted odds ratio of 1.2, as per the meta-analysis and systematic review of observational studies. This association was also linked with several factors, including type 2 diabetes mellitus diagnosis method, continent, number of tooth loss, and study quality.


A case of mandibular osteosarcoma in a geriatric patient

Time : 2nd of May 2022 03:04:33 PM Trending,Radiology,Physician/Medicine,Oncology,Nursing,General Surgery,Diagnostics & Pathology,Dentistry

A 90-year-old man presented to a hospital with an oral lesion. The patient noticed the lesion approximately one year ago, and the lesion showed rapid growth in the last six months. Based on the clinical and lab findings, he was diagnosed with a malignant bone tumour of the mandible, and he underwent a segmental mandibular resection with reconstruction using a titanium plate.


US adults required fewer dental visits in 2020 than they did in 2019

Time : 26th of April 2022 03:22:46 PM Dentistry

The number of dental visits dropped from 65.5% in 2019 to 62.7% in 2020 in the overall population aged between 18 and 64 years, as per a study. Similarly, the proportion of dental visits declined from 61.5% and 69.3% in 2019 to 59.6% and 65.8% in 2020 in adult men and women, respectively. Moreover, the decrease was observed in people of all races and income levels.

Men with ED and periodontitis are at an increased risk of major CV events

Time : 22nd of April 2022 11:55:49 AM Physician/Medicine,Dentistry,Cardiology

The risk of serious cardiovascular events increased by approximately 4 times in middle-aged men with erectile dysfunction (ED) and periodontitis during an average follow-up of 4.2 years, as per a study. Life-threatening cardiovascular events like sudden cardiac arrest, heart failure, cerebral infarction, non-fatal MI, ACS, CABG, and PCI were observed among such men.

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FDI issues a consensus statement on sustainable practices for oral healthcare

Time : 22nd of April 2022 11:26:16 AM Dentistry

The new FDI World Dental Federation consensus statement intends to minimize the carbon footprint and unsustainable practices in dentistry. The FDI panel recommends the 4R approach (reuse, reduce, recycle, and rethink) to limit CO2 emissions. It also advises using high-quality and long-lasting materials and products that will need fewer replacements.

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