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Do compression garments help muscles recover quickly after a workout?

Time : 23rd of May 2022 02:08:47 PM Sports,Physician/Medicine,Orthopaedics,Nutrition & Fitness

Wearing compression garments after or during physical exercise does not facilitate the recovery of muscles, as per the analysis. Also, no effect was observed with compression garments on strength recovery. These findings will help therapists, coaches, athletes and practitioners to reconsider these garments as a way to lower the harmful effects of exercise on muscle strength.

  Tohoku University

A case of acute hand ischaemia associated with COVID-19 in a volleyball player

Time : 21st of April 2022 05:15:18 PM Trending,Sports,Radiology,Physician/Medicine,Nursing,General Surgery,Emergency Medicine,Diagnostics & Pathology,Cardiology

A 29-year-old man presented to an ED with acute ischaemic signs in the upper extremity. The patient was diagnosed with COVID-19 one month ago and reported repetitive trauma during volleyball training. Upper extremity catheter angiography showed high take-off occlusion in ulnar and radial arteries with the poor collateral flow. He was managed with local thrombolysis.


New tool predicts the effect of an exoskeleton in lowering the back-injury risk

Time : 2nd of December 2021 07:16:18 AM Sports,Orthopaedics,Nutrition & Fitnes

A tool called Exo-LiFFT is an interactive calculator that predicts that exoskeletons can minimise occupational back injuries during material handling by 20% to 60%, as per a study. Exo-LiFFT enables safety experts to swiftly assess exoskeletons' effect on back injury risk by reducing assessment time and providing an evidence-based way to determine injury risk reduction.


A single-dose skin patch COVID-19 vaccine is more effective than jabs

Time : 1st of November 2021 12:32:46 PM COVID-19,Physician/Medicine,Pharma News,Sport

A high-density microarray skin patch that delivers the COVID-19 virus's spike subunit-based vaccine directly into the skin was able to induce both antoand cellular immune responses, as per a study. Moreover, the antibodies neutralized both the Alpha and Beta variants. Also, the vaccine provided complete protection in the virus challenge test in the mice model.

  Twitter @EricTopol

Running could lead to sudden death in people with heart conditions

Time : 4th of October 2021 10:59:17 AM Cardiology,Sport

About 12 young individuals die due to undiagnosed heart conditions every week, as per a report. Physical activities like bike riding and running cause their heart to beat rapidly. However, these conditions can be managed with the right care. Hence, charity or Cardiac Risk in the Young is trying to screen young people for such conditions to prevent 89% of deaths.


Head impact may cause cognitive decline in rugby players after one season

Time : 1st of September 2021 10:39:02 AM Sports,Neurology & Neurosurger

A study observed that a professional team of rugby players had a decrease in blood flow to the brain and cognitive function between pre to post-season. Six concussion incidents were seen among the players over a year. But about 20% of all concussions at a professional level occur in training, as per the RFU. Recently, World Rugby vowed to double the investment in this research.


Effects of Olympics on athlete mental health exceed the competition itself

Time : 11th of August 2021 05:13:21 PM Psychiatry & Mental Health,Sport

About one-third of elite athletes globally experienced symptoms of anxiety or depression, as per a study. The quality of performance showed a direct impact on post-Olympic health. Athletes who were happy with their performance had a positive post-game phase. Pre-Olympic planning of what to do next and social support was crucial for post-Olympic well being.


Sturdy plastic helmet prototype for safe cycling experience

Time : 28th of July 2021 10:50:24 AM Entertainment,Sport

Researchers developed a helmet outer shell made of a new acrylic thermoplastic resin Elium by reinfusing it with carbon fiber. It is safer for cyclists as it absorbs more impact over a longer period to dissipate it evenly throughout the helmet, ultimately lowering the risk of critical injuries. It could provide protection similar to top-tier helmets but at lower prices.

  Nanyang Technological University

The 14 warning signs that indicate vitamin D deficiency

Time : 26th of July 2021 11:07:38 AM Nutrition & Fitness,Physician/Medicine,Trending,Cardiology,Dentistry,Nursing,Pharma News,Sport

The deficiency of vitamin D can cause adverse effects on health if not addressed on time. The signs of vitamin D deficiency are aching muscles, painful bones, fatigue, reduced endurance, low mood, sleeping problems, sweaty head, hair loss, slow wound healing, dizziness, cardiac problems, excessive body weight, recurring infections, and reduced cognitive function.


Dietary supplements could cause severe liver injures

Time : 26th of July 2021 04:43:05 AM General Surgery,Gastroenterology,Physician/Medicine,Pharma News,Trending,Dentistry,Sport

Herbal and dietary supplements, which claimed to promote muscle growth or weight loss, caused severe liver injuries, and few people were severely harmed, requiring liver transplantation, as per a study. Supplements induced liver injuries increased from 15% to 47% during 2009-2011 to 2018-2020. Also, transplant-free survival was complicated in the patients.

  The Gua