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Incomplete imaging of patients with mini-stroke may put them at stroke risk

Time : 27th of June 2022 02:39:06 PM Radiology,Physician/Medicine,Neurology & Neurosurgery

Only 60% of patients diagnosed with a transient ischemic attack (TIA) received complete imaging within 48 hours. About 29.9% of patients discharged from the ED with incomplete TIA imaging. Shortage of primary care providers and outpatient imaging centres and less access to imaging services are causes of delayed, incomplete, and never performed TIA imaging after ED discharge.
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A single MRI scan could diagnose Alzheimer's disease

Time : 22nd of June 2022 08:39:49 AM Radiology,Neurology & Neurosurgery

Researchers developed an MRI-based machine learning algorithm system that could diagnose Alzheimer's disease at an early stage. The brain was divided into 115 areas with 660 different features like size, texture and shape to assess each region. Then the algorithm was trained to detect structural and functional changes causing Alzheimer's disease.
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A case of ocular manifestation in granulomatosis and polyangiitis

Time : 13th of June 2022 11:59:42 AM Trending,Radiology,Physician/Medicine,Nursing,Diagnostics & Pathology

A 68-year-old man presented to a hospital with 2 months history of pain, blurry vision, redness and sensitivity to light in the eyes. On examination, the patient had dilated and inflamed scleral vessels. A chest CT scan showed pulmonary nodules. Lung biopsy findings confirmed granulomatosis with polyangiitis. He was treated with glucocorticoids and rituximab topical therapy.
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US: Race bias exists in paediatric emergency department diagnostic imaging

Time : 8th of June 2022 12:11:39 PM Radiology,Physician/Medicine,Paediatrics,Emergency Medicine,Diagnostics & Pathology

Hospitals with a greater proportion of pediatric patients from the minoritised groups had a larger difference in imaging between non-Hispanic White and Black patients, as per a study. Non-Hispanic White patients were more likely to receive the imaging than Blacks. These findings emphasise the need to improve the equity of imaging in the paediatrics emergency department.

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A case of atypical brachial plexitis related to COVID-19

Time : 1st of June 2022 04:36:09 PM Trending,Radiology,Physician/Medicine,Nursing,Neurology & Neurosurgery,Emergency Medicine,Diagnostics & Pathology,Covid-19

A 47-year-old woman presented to the ED with chest pain and shortness of breath complaints. The patient was initially diagnosed with COVID-19 and managed. However, after 2 months, she presented to the ED with chest pain. She was diagnosed with atypical sensory brachial plexus neuritis related to COVID-19 and managed with oral steroids based on lab and clinical findings.


A case of mucosal sloughing of intestine in a patient with severe COVID-19

Time : 30th of May 2022 04:36:12 PM Trending,Radiology,Physician/Medicine,Nursing,General Surgery,Gastroenterology,Diagnostics & Pathology,Covid-19

A 62-year-old man presented to an ED with a 2-day history of chills, fever and fatigue. A nasopharyngeal swab test was positive for SARS-CoV-2. The patient was placed on extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO). A capsule endoscopy demonstrated extensive mucosal sloughing in the entire small intestine, which mimicked severe graft versus host disease, and he was managed.


A case of transverse myelitis and interstitial lung disease after COVID-19 shot

Time : 27th of May 2022 05:46:32 PM Trending,Radiology,Physician/Medicine,Nursing,Neurology & Neurosurgery,Emergency Medicine,Diagnostics & Pathology,Covid-19

A 61-year-old woman presented to an emergency department with complaints of fever, dyspnea and cough. The patient reported that her symptoms began after receiving the second dose of the CoronaVac vaccine. A chest x-ray demonstrated infiltrates in both lungs. She was managed with supplemental oxygen, but her condition gradually worsened. She was managed with methylprednisolone.


Delaying mammography screening after COVID-19 vaccination is not suggestable

Time : 27th of May 2022 05:08:42 PM Radiology,Oncology,Covid-19

Axillary lymphadenopathy identified by breast ultrasound following COVID-19 mRNA vaccination lasts longer than that reported in initial vaccine clinical trials, as per a study. The average resolution time after vaccination was 127 days. These findings suggest not delaying screening mammographies and a six months follow-up mammography in cases of vaccine-related lymphadenopathy.

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A case of remdesivir induced sinus arrest in a patient with COVID-19

Time : 25th of May 2022 04:00:14 PM Trending,Radiology,Pulmonology,Physician/Medicine,Otolaryngology,Diagnostics & Pathology,Cardiology

A 50-year-old woman presented to an ED with a 2-week history of worsening dyspnea. Based on the lab and clinical findings, the patient was diagnosed with acute respiratory failure stemming from COVID-19 induced pneumonia. She was treated with azithromycin, dexamethasone, remdesivir and ceftriaxone. However, she had bradycardia and sinus arrest after initiation of treatment.


A chemo pump can be as effective as surgery in treating intrahepatic CCA

Time : 25th of May 2022 12:51:36 PM Radiology,Physician/Medicine,Oncology

The overall survival of patients with intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma (iCAA), when treated with a hepatic atrial infusion pump (HAIP), was 20.3 months compared to 18.9 months in those treated with resection, as per a study. Also, 5 years of overall survival in patients with 2-3 lesions in the HAIP and resection groups was 23.7 and 25.7%, respectively.