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World Congress on Addictive Disorders and Addiction Therapy

Date: From 08 March 2020 To 09 March 2020
Venue : Rome, Italy
Psychiatry & Mental Healt

The aim of the conference is to trade and offer the encounters and research outcomes of unsafe impact of Addiction, Treatment and Therapy. The conference additionally gives the head interdisciplinary gathering to specialists, experts and instructors to show and talk about the latest advancements.
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International Conference on Dementia and Dementia Care

Date: From 18 February 2020 To 19 February 2020
Venue : Paris, France
Psychiatry & Mental Health,Neurology & Neurosurger

The conference emphasizes research and treatment in Dementia. A platform for innovators, researchers, scholars, and caretakers to discuss the recent advancements in the treatment and management of Dementia. Novel drug discovery, technical development in care methods, ongoing clinical trials, end-of-life issues are some of the key topics.
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International Conference on Addiction and Psychiatry

Date: From 19 April 2020 To 20 April 2020
Venue : Kualalumpur, Malaysia
Psychiatry & Mental Health,Genera

The theme of the conference is “Addiction is an adaptation– a way of escape”. The aim of the conference is to build a strong belief that all other health and medical sciences can provide healthy circumstances by the inter-bonding with the neuroscience and its aspects and to broaden horizons.
  Addiction Psychiatry Conference

European Congress of Psychiatry 2020

Date: From 27 March 2020 To 30 March 2020
Venue : Madrid, Spain
Psychiatry & Mental Healt

The motto of the congress is “The Shared Heritage of European Psychiatry” and will serve as a place of learning where we can all share the latest models, approaches, and research, continuing with all the best traditions of the EPA and representing for all participants a treasured experience.
  European Congress of Psychiatry

Fortis Annual Psychology Conference

Date: From 12 September 2019 To 14 September 2019
Venue : Fortis Memorial Research Institute, India
General,Psychiatry & Mental Healt

The conference theme is to emphasize diversification in contemporary world and a need for an integrated approach towards application of psychological principles across disciplines and cultures. The conference is designed to exchange of ideas regarding the sensitivity to culture in psychological applications, understanding of new methodologies.
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Annual National Conference of Biological Psychiatry

Date: From 19 September 2019 To 20 September 2019
Venue : Agra, India
Psychiatry & Mental Healt

The conference "Translational Psychiatry – Molecules to Clinics” explores best-known luminaries in the field of Psychiatry, a well - balanced agenda with state-of-the-art professional highlights and social events, imparting knowledge of wisdom that leads to eternal peace, latest knowledge base in the field of biological psychiatry to clinicians working in the field of mental health.
  ANCIABP 2019

Primary Care Update: Rheumatology, Pain management and Psychiatry 2019

Date: From 04 July 2019 To 06 July 2019
Venue : Grand Hyatt, New York, US
Psychiatry & Mental Health,Orthopaedic

This conference is designed to provide primary care clinicians with up-to-date, evidence-based information in rheumatology, pain management and Psychiatry while suggesting pragmatic approaches to clinical management. The discussion-based format of the conference will encourage audience participation through dynamic lectures, case-based studies and hands-on workshops.
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The 4th World Congress on Psychiatry and Mental Health Nursing

Date: From 16 June 2019 To 17 June 2019
Venue : Rome, Italy
Psychiatry & Mental Health,Nursin

The symposium explores telepsychiatry, mental health nursing, clinical psychology, psychosis, geriatric and pediatric nursing, forensic psychology and criminology, research, education and case studies on mental health, psychiatric disorders, psychoactive drugs, psycho-oncology and the most recent innovations, trends and key concerns adopted in the field.
  Pulsus Conference

The Congress of Society of Neuro Vascular Intervention

Date: From 13 June 2019 To 15 June 2019
Venue : Grand Hyatt, Mumbai, India
Psychiatry & Mental Healt

The Congress theme is innovative techniques and technology which explores rapidly developing technologies and ideologies, diverse continuing knowledge in the dynamic field of vascular neuroscience and its convergent, potential in advancing healthcare applications to potentially transform the vascular neuroscience landscape globally.

Global Summit on Neuroscience and Neuroimmunology 2019

Date: From 21 May 2019 To 22 May 2019
Venue : London, UK
Psychiatry & Mental Healt

Neuroimmunology 2019 theme is to unveil the advances in the field of neuroscience and neuroimmunology and is an elite stage to unite overall eminent researchers in that field to stimulate new ideas in the research. The global neuroscience industry is anticipated to reach above USD 30.80 billion by 2020 and is expected to grow at CAGR of 2.9% over the next seven years.
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