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China: Announcement of the zero-Covid policy lasting for 5 years alarms Beijing

Time : 28th of June 2022 04:09:19 PM Covid-19

Authorities of Beijing sparked fear and confusion after posting that the zero-Covid policy could exist for 5 years, including travel restrictions and mass mandatory testing in Beijing Daily and other state media outlets. However, most of the online publications later deleted the reference to the 5 years. However, the post reached one million views before it was deleted.
  The Guardian

CDC issues new details on the unknown cause of hepatitis in children in the US

Time : 28th of June 2022 01:01:15 PM Physician/Medicine,Paediatrics,Gastroenterology,Covid-19

About 296 children were diagnosed with mysterious hepatitis in the US between October 1, 2021, and June 15, 2022, while 11 kids died and 18 required liver transplants. Among the diagnosed kids, 44.6% were positive for adenovirus, and 10.2% of kids were positive for COVID-19. About 26% had COVID-19 history, and hepatitis started 133 days, on average, after COVID-19 diagnosis.
  Daily News Kit

Newer SARS-CoV-2 sub-variants effectively bypass the host immune response

Time : 28th of June 2022 11:37:30 AM Covid-19

The three Omicron subvariants BA.2.12.1, BA.4, and BA.5 showed substantial escape from the neutralising antibodies generated in response to previous infection and vaccination, as per a study. Neutralising antibodies' responses to BA.5 and BA.4 were 20 times lower than to the original 2020 viral strain and three times lower than to the BA.1 and BA.2 Omicron subvariants.
  Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Vaccines saved 20 million people from death due to COVID-19 in the first year

Time : 28th of June 2022 10:20:16 AM Physician/Medicine,Pharma News,Nursing,Covid-19

COVID-19 vaccines protected 19.8 million lives during their first year, according to a study. An additional 0.6 million COVID-19-associated deaths would have been avoided if the WHO target of vaccination to 40% of the global population by the 2021 end had been met. The study excluded China due to uncertainty around the COVID-19 effect on its vast population.
  AP News

WHO approves Biological E as an additional manufacturing site for J&J vaccine

Time : 24th of June 2022 02:32:50 PM Pharma News,Covid-19

The US embassy in India greeted Hyderabad-based company Biological E Limited for getting WHO's approval to manufacture Johnson & Johnson/Jannsen's COVID-19 vaccine. DCGI approved Biological E Limited's Corbevax as a COVID-19 heterologous vaccine booster shot for people aged above 18 years following six months of primary two-dose vaccination.

A health expert warns about the risks of COVID-19 reinfection

Time : 24th of June 2022 09:53:17 AM Covid-19

Reinfections have become more common due to new viral spike mutations, increasing the virus's immune-escaping ability. Reinfection with COVID-19 could double the risk of all-cause mortality, and pulmonary and cardiovascular adverse outcomes, as per a report. Reinfection also increases the risk of hospitalisation by three-fold compared to patients infected only once.
  Twitter @EricTopol

Kynurenine pathway activation could be a biomarker for CI after acute COVID-19

Time : 23rd of June 2022 12:11:25 PM Physician/Medicine,Covid-19

Patients with cognitive impairment (CI) after two months of COVID-19 diagnosis had slighter increased levels of kynurenine pathway metabolism compared to those without CI, as per a study. However, there was no association between CI and interferon-gamma, monocyte chemoattractant protein-1, interleukins, peripheral brain biomarkers, and tumour necrosis factor-alpha.
  Twitter @Kevin_McKernan

Post-COVID-19 care should include identifying diabetes and its management

Time : 23rd of June 2022 11:21:45 AM Physician/Medicine,Endocrinology & Diabetes,Covid-19

The risk and burden of incident diabetes and incident anti-hyperglycemic drug use were significantly increased in patients with COVID-19 in the post-acute phase, according to a study. The burden and risks of post-acute COVID-19 outcomes increased in a graded pattern based on the severity of COVID-19 the patients experienced in the acute phase.
  Twitter @EricTopol

Wrist-worn trackers could detect COVID-19 in the incubation period

Time : 23rd of June 2022 10:07:29 AM Diagnostics & Pathology,Covid-19

Health trackers with wearable sensor technology worn on the wrist like Ava bracelet combined with the artificial intelligence-based computer algorithm detected COVID-19 before the initial onset of symptoms or in the incubation period, according to a study. These trackers detected 68% of patients with COVID-19 two days before their first symptoms appeared.
  The Guardian

EMA begins review of a Moderna's variant adapted COVID-19 vaccine

Time : 22nd of June 2022 12:41:20 PM Covid-19

European Medicines Agency started a rolling review on June 17 of a Morderna's variant-adapted COVID-19 jab due to the rise in Omicron sub-variant cases in the country. Moderna stated that its vaccine offered better immune responses against the Omicron than the original shot. Also, the agency launched a rolling review of a Pfizer/BioNTech's variant-adapted vaccine.
  Twitter @Reuters_Health