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A simple blood test can detect the risk of osteoporosis

Time : 3rd of August 2023 04:24:53 PM Physician/Medicine,Orthopaedics,Diagnostics & Pathology

An electrode array-based device incorporating recombinase polymerase and electrochemical detection of osteoporosis-linked single nucleotide polymorphisms could help identify the risk of osteoporosis in just 15 minutes. However, it might not diagnose osteoporosis. This versatile technology was previously used to detect drug resistance in treating tuberculosis.
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FDA approves spinal cord stimulation device for chronic back pain

Time : 17th of May 2023 12:51:49 PM Physician/Medicine,Pharma News,Orthopaedics,Neurology & Neurosurgery

Abbott's proprietary BurstDR™ SCS technology can help people with non-surgical back pain who are not eligible for corrective back surgery and have limited treatment options. It produces bursts of low-intensity electrical energy to modify pain signals from the spinal cord to the brain. It does not provide a tingling sensation or paresthesia, making it comfortable for patients.

How to self-care for sciatica at home?

Time : 11th of May 2023 12:22:51 PM Physician/Medicine,Orthopaedics,Neurology & Neurosurgery

Experts suggest using an ice pack for a week to reduce inflammation in the nerve while being careful to avoid frostbite. It should be followed by a heat pack for the next week to increase the blood flow in the affected area to accelerate healing. Moving around can help strengthen muscles that support the spine, improve flexibility or range of motion and reduce pain perception.
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An injectable treatment to treat osteoarthritis

Time : 27th of April 2023 01:21:53 PM Physician/Medicine,Pharma News,Orthopaedics

Researchers developed an injectable combination cell therapy to reduce inflammation and regenerate articular cartilage. It acts on cartilage degradation, synovial inflammation, innervation of pain sensory neurons, and subchondral bone sclerosis. The efficacy was tested in preclinical and clinical trials through pain scoring, MRI scans, biopsy, and functional living.
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An antidiabetic drug linked to a lower risk of osteoarthritis

Time : 25th of April 2023 11:34:19 AM Physician/Medicine,Pharma News,Orthopaedics,Endocrinology & Diabetes

Real-world data analysis suggests that compared to sulfonylureas, metformin used to treat type 2 diabetes could help lower the chances of osteoarthritis by 24% and the need for joint replacements by 20%. However, it could also be due to weight loss caused by metformin. This protective association should be analysed in further studies before adopting clinically.
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Is it too late to start weight training?

Time : 18th of April 2023 11:02:00 AM Sports,Physician/Medicine,Orthopaedics,Nutrition & Fitness,Entertainment

Experts believe it is never too late to start strength training by lifting weights. Aging causes muscles to lose mass and strength, increasing the risk of high BP, diabetes, frailty, and obesity. While lifting weights can promote muscle growth even in people aged above 75 years. Even older people with arthritis, heart disease, or osteoporosis can start lifting at any age.
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Evidence is uncertain on the benefits of analgesics for low back pain

Time : 29th of March 2023 08:25:10 AM Physician/Medicine,Pharma News,Orthopaedics

A systematic review and meta-analysis found low or very low confidence in the evidence for pain reduction with aceclofenac plus tizanidine, tolperisone, pregabalin and 14 other drugs than placebo. A moderate to very low confidence was seen for a rise in adverse events with acetaminophen plus sustained-release tramadol, acetaminophen plus tramadol and baclofen than placebo.

First-ever dietary recommendations issued for patients with rheumatism

Time : 28th of March 2023 10:03:35 AM Physician/Medicine,Orthopaedics,Nutrition & Fitness

A multidisciplinary group issued eight principles and nine recommendations for patients with chronic inflammatory rheumatic diseases. They advised weight loss for overweight patients, following a Mediterranean diet, and omega-3 supplementation to relieve symptoms. They advised against gluten-free, vegan, or vegetarian diets, fasting, and eliminating dairy from the diet.
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Osteoporosis treatments could lower mortality after fractures

Time : 27th of March 2023 12:58:36 PM Pharma News,Orthopaedics

A real-world mega-data study on over 46,000 subjects suggested that alendronate/risedronate, denosumab, and zoledronic acid treatments were associated with significantly reduced mortality after fractures compared to raloxifene and bazedoxifene treatments. People aged over 65 years who were taking the long-acting zoledronic acid treatment had the lowest mortality.
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Guidelines for advice on timing for elective knee or hip arthroplasty

Time : 20th of March 2023 11:53:08 AM Physician/Medicine,Orthopaedics

ACR and AAHKS's guidelines say there is no evidence to delay surgery to test the effectiveness of new nonsurgical therapies. Patients with symptomatic arthritis who have had failed nonsurgical therapies should directly proceed for surgical treatments. Diabetic or nicotine-dependent patients should delay surgery until their glucose levels and dependence are controlled.
  American College of Rheumatology