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Following this step count a few days a week has health benefits

Time : 30th of March 2023 01:53:01 PM Physician/Medicine,Nutrition & Fitness

Walking 8,000 steps a day, just two days a week, could significantly lower the mortality risk by 15% over ten years, as per a study. However, the benefits plateaued after 8,000 steps a day, three days a week. Researchers used accelerometer data from over 3,000 study participants. These findings could encourage people who have limited time to exercise.

Viking's obesity drug proves to be beneficial in clinical trials

Time : 30th of March 2023 12:28:35 PM Physician/Medicine,Pharma News,Nutrition & Fitness

The injectable drug developed by Viking Therapeutics helped obese patients lose almost 8% of their body weight in a small phase 1 clinical trial. The 10 mg per week dose of the drug caused the largest weight loss. Viking's drug, VK2735, activates two insulin-stimulating hormones, which Eli Lily's drug also activates. Eli Lily's drug Mounjaro is in phase 3 trials now.

Exercise could help improve movements in Parkinson's

Time : 30th of March 2023 10:38:55 AM Physician/Medicine,Nutrition & Fitness,Neurology & Neurosurgery

A systematic review including 8,000 patients revealed that physical exercises like water exercise, dance, endurance exercise, tai chi, resistance exercise, yoga, and physiotherapy showed mild to large improvements in quality of life and severity of motor symptoms in patients with Parkinson's disease. Researchers suggested any structured exercise could be better than none.

Taking more magnesium a day could prevent dementia

Time : 29th of March 2023 12:26:08 PM Physician/Medicine,Nutrition & Fitness,Neurology & Neurosurgery

An Australian study showed that a 41% increase in the amount of magnesium taken daily could lead to decreased age-related brain shrinkage, which is linked to better cognition and reduced risk of dementia later. Participants consumed over 550 mg of magnesium daily than the recommended intake of 350 mg. Pumpkin seeds, almonds, and chia seeds are rich in magnesium.
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Weight loss benefits on the heart persist even after some weight regain

Time : 29th of March 2023 11:58:09 AM Physician/Medicine,Nutrition & Fitness,Cardiology

New evidence suggests that cholesterol levels and blood pressure were better in people who were part of a weight loss program than those who were not, even after the former slowly regained some of the lost weight. These benefits tended to diminish as they regained more weight. Losing weight is believed to reset metabolism, which persists even after regaining some pounds.
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Quality of plant-based diets is key for lowering the risk of mortality

Time : 29th of March 2023 09:09:13 AM Physician/Medicine,Nutrition & Fitness,Cardiology

A study compared mortality benefits from healthful and unhealthful plant-based diets based on a web tool. Greater adherence to a healthful plant-based diet index was tied to lower risks of mortality, cancer and cardiovascular disease. In contrast, a higher unhealthful plant-based diet index was linked to higher risks of mortality, cancer and cardiovascular disease.
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NAFLD patients may not benefit more from time-restricted eating

Time : 28th of March 2023 01:35:55 PM Nutrition & Fitness,Gastroenterology

New research shows that patients who were obese or had non-alcoholic fatty liver disease might not benefit more from time-restricted eating compared to daily calorie restriction. Both diets caused comparable reductions in intrahepatic triglyceride levels and other metabolic risk factors, suggesting the importance of caloric restriction during time-restricted eating.
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First-ever dietary recommendations issued for patients with rheumatism

Time : 28th of March 2023 10:03:35 AM Physician/Medicine,Orthopaedics,Nutrition & Fitness

A multidisciplinary group issued eight principles and nine recommendations for patients with chronic inflammatory rheumatic diseases. They advised weight loss for overweight patients, following a Mediterranean diet, and omega-3 supplementation to relieve symptoms. They advised against gluten-free, vegan, or vegetarian diets, fasting, and eliminating dairy from the diet.
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Can mothers pass obesity genes to their daughters?

Time : 23rd of March 2023 10:41:58 AM Physician/Medicine,Paediatrics,Nutrition & Fitness,Endocrinology & Diabetes

A study that evaluated 240 children's BMI during the ages 4 to 9 years found that mothers who are obese or overweight share this risk with their daughters but not sons. But a similar risk was not observed between fathers and children. Also, daughters were more affected than sons if mothers were obese during pregnancy. The findings warranted early awareness and interventions.
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Experts criticize guidelines on childhood obesity

Time : 21st of March 2023 01:45:06 PM Paediatrics,Nutrition & Fitness

Some experts believed that the guidelines were far from reality as they recommended treatments that are not easily accessed by children who need them. They also said these guidelines were based on evidence collected in the year 2018, and the recommendations for bariatric surgery were based on evidence from only case-control and observational studies.
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