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Stanford surgeons perform the first beating-heart transplants

Time : 30th of May 2023 12:42:03 PM Physician/Medicine,Paediatrics,General Surgery,Cardiology

Stopping the heart before implanting could damage it, but keeping it beating could prevent further injury. Dr Woo and his team performed the revolutionary procedure on a donor heart recovered after cardiac death that was put on cardiopulmonary bypass. This beating heart was then transplanted into the recipient. The surgery was done on 6 patients, and all of them are doing well.
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Bariatric surgery lowers the use of antidiabetic and lipid-lowering drugs

Time : 26th of May 2023 01:11:33 PM Physician/Medicine,Pharma News,General Surgery,Endocrinology & Diabetes,Cardiology

A study on more than 26,000 patients who had bariatric surgeries revealed that the usage of cardiovascular, lipid-lowering, and antidiabetic drugs was lower in the long-term in patients who underwent bariatric surgery compared to that in matched controls who did not undergo this surgery. However, the reduction was transient for cardiovascular medications.
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New advice on managing swallowed things like magnets and razors

Time : 25th of May 2023 12:36:59 PM Physician/Medicine,General Surgery,Gastroenterology

Experts are urged to take a conservative approach to deal with such patients. The decision to remove such objects should depend on the risk rather than the length. However, objects longer than 6 cm should be removed. Higher-risk cases can be managed with endoscopy. A multidisciplinary approach should be used for people who swallow objects for secondary gains.

Appendicitis could be a warning sign for colon cancer!

Time : 25th of May 2023 10:17:10 AM Physician/Medicine,Oncology,General Surgery,Gastroenterology

A population-based study on more than 230,000 patients with acute appendicitis revealed that colon cancer cases were higher in the appendicitis group, particularly in the first year after appendicitis, compared to that in the control group. This association was even stronger for right-sided colon cancer. The risk was six times higher in patients aged 40 years and above.
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A swallowable gastric balloon to deal with obesity

Time : 19th of May 2023 05:10:01 PM Physician/Medicine,Nutrition & Fitness,General Surgery,Gastroenterology

The new treatment combines a surgery-less gastric balloon placement and a common anto-obesity drug, liraglutide. It is built on a swallowable vegan capsule filled with liquid after reaching the stomach through a 20-minute outpatient procedure. It stays for 15 to 17 weeks and is excreted naturally. The drug will be added once daily to improve weight loss.
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Palliative care for cancer surgery may not improve patient outcomes

Time : 16th of May 2023 12:50:40 PM Oncology,General Surgery

Palliative therapies given to patients with cancer before they undergo curative treatments like surgeries and bone marrow transplants do not demonstrate any benefits or harm to patients in any way, as per a study. These findings could help deal with the short supply of palliative care specialists and better use their services for patients with unmet palliative needs.

Surgeons perform the first successful in-utero brain surgery

Time : 5th of May 2023 01:33:59 PM Physician/Medicine,Paediatrics,Obstetrics & Gynaecology,Neurology & Neurosurgery,General Surgery

Surgeons at the Boston Children's Hospital and Brigham and Women's Hospital used the embolization technique to correct Galen malformation in the brain of a 34-week-old fetus. But, the surgery caused a premature rupture of membranes leading to induction after 2 days. The infant is now 6 weeks old and progressing well without medications and adverse effects on the brain.
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Fluorescent guide can help detect leftover tumour in a breast cancer surgery

Time : 5th of May 2023 01:13:39 PM Oncology,General Surgery

Pegulicianine in fluorescence-guided surgery involves injecting and activating pegulicianine dye to a fluorescent form near the residual tumour to allow surgeons to find the remaining tumour during a lumpectomy. This procedure prevented another surgery in 10% of study participants. The rate of allergic events with this dye was low and similar to that of other imaging agents.

Bariatric surgery could help deal with peripheral neuropathy in diabetics

Time : 5th of May 2023 10:46:00 AM Physician/Medicine,General Surgery,Endocrinology & Diabetes

Bariatric surgery in obese patients with diabetes or those at risk of developing it can help regenerate peripheral nerves. Researchers found that nerve fibre density in the thigh region increased, and it remained stable in the legs two years after the surgery. These findings suggest a bariatric surgery could be a potential treatment option for peripheral neuropathy.

Endoscopic procedure may treat type 2 diabetes

Time : 2nd of May 2023 11:38:38 AM Physician/Medicine,General Surgery,Gastroenterology,Endocrinology & Diabetes

A single, one-hour endoscopic procedure uses electrical pulses that could make changes in the lining of the duodenum. It has been tested in a small trial on 14 patients who were asked to be on a calorie-controlled liquid diet for the following 2 weeks and take semaglutide. About 12 patients had good glycemic control for a year without insulin, as per the study.