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Post-tonsillectomy deaths are more in children with chronic diseases

Time : 27th of June 2022 10:15:19 AM Physician/Medicine,Paediatrics,Otolaryngology,General Surgery

The overall post-tonsillectomy mortality rate was 7.04 and 117.22 per 0.1 million surgeries among individuals younger than 21 and children with chronic complex health conditions, according to a study. Nearly 53% of these deaths occurred after surgical discharge. Almost 2.8% of children with complex chronic health conditions underwent tonsillectomy.
  Today UK News

A student was awarded $111 million in botched surgery case

Time : 21st of June 2022 11:10:00 AM Physician/Medicine,General Surgery,Diagnostics & Pathology

A federal jury of Minnesota found that St.Cloud medical centre botched the surgery of a college student in a procedure that left catastrophic damage to his left leg. The student suffered from permanent damage due to the negligence of two doctors. The civil lawsuit accused the St. Cloud Ortho and CentraCare Health System of failing to evaluate his initial symptoms and diagnosis.
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Surgeons might underestimate the recovery from urinary incontinence surgery

Time : 20th of June 2022 01:39:32 PM Physician/Medicine,General Surgery

Surgeons might considerably underestimate the recovery time after a sling surgical procedure for stress urinary incontinence, as per a study. Only 41.5% of the patients returned to daily activities within 2 weeks after the procedure. About 98.3% of them were back to their daily routines after 6 months, while 7% had returned to daily activities within 6 days of surgery.

Pediatricians transplant kidneys without using immune-suppressing drugs

Time : 20th of June 2022 01:18:45 PM Physician/Medicine,Paediatrics,Nephrology,General Surgery

The team enabled the children with the immune disorders to receive a new immune system and matched kidney from a parent using a dual immune/solid organ transplant (DISOT). This innovation removes the possibility of immune rejection of the transplanted kidney in the recipient and safely frees the patient from lifelong immunosuppression after a kidney transplant.
  Stanford University Medical Center

Uterine transplantation is a successful and safe procedure, finds a study

Time : 16th of June 2022 04:08:10 PM Physician/Medicine,Obstetrics & Gynaecology,General Surgery

About 6 out of 7 women treated with in vitro fertilization post uterine transplantation got pregnant and gave birth. The infants', the donors' and recipients' long-term health was generally good and has remained healthy. The chance of pregnancy per individual egg returning to the transplanted uterus is 33% which is comparable to the success rate of IVF.
  University of Gothenburg

Appendiceal cancer is on the rise among younger appendicitis patients

Time : 16th of June 2022 01:36:32 PM Physician/Medicine,Oncology,General Surgery,Gastroenterology

The increased prevalence of appendiceal cancer is believed to be due to a rise in slow-growing neuroendocrine tumours called carcinoids. It was most common in patients 50 years or younger. Experts believe patients who receive antibiotic therapy for acute appendicitis could be at a higher risk of a delayed cancer diagnosis. Close follow-up may be necessary for such patients.
  American college of surgeons

Pig virus might be behind the death of the pig heart transplant patient

Time : 16th of June 2022 09:46:53 AM Trending,Physician/Medicine,Nursing,General Surgery,Cardiology

David Bennett died 2 months after receiving the pig's heart. His autopsy showed that although the transplanted pig's heart was pumping well, scar tissue thickened the organ and prevented it from fully relaxing after pushing through the blood. The examination also showed the presence of pig cytomegalovirus (CMV), and PCR analysis of tissue of his head had few viral DNA.
  USA Today

FDA updates recommendation on the use of Renuvion/J-Plasma device

Time : 7th of June 2022 03:03:30 PM Physician/Medicine,Pharma News,General Surgery,Dermatology

FDA is updating safety communication to inform healthcare providers and consumers about Apyx Renunvion/J-Plasma device system for a few aesthetic skin procedures. It recommends consumers discuss the risks and benefits of procedures with their physician. Also, health care providers must not use the device for skin contraction only or in combination with liposuction.


The neoSCB smartphone app could detect jaundice in newborns

Time : 7th of June 2022 09:12:28 AM Physician/Medicine,Paediatrics,General Surgery

The neoSCB app is as promising as currently available commercial diagnostic devices for screening jaundice in newborns, as per a study. This app requires only a smartphone and costs below a tenth of the diagnostic apparatus. The neoSCB app could save the lives of many newborns in various countries that lack easy access to costly paediatric devices.

  New Zealand News

A case of eruptive xanthomas associated with branching projections

Time : 6th of June 2022 02:55:18 PM Physician/Medicine,General Surgery,Diagnostics & Pathology,Dermatology

A 34-year-old woman presented to a clinic with progressive worsening skin lesions from 4 years and unintentional weight loss from 3 months. On examination, the patient was obese and had clusters of pink-yellow papules. Skin biopsy findings showed foamy macrophages and fusiform fibroblast hyperplasia. She was diagnosed with eruptive xanthomas due to severe hyperglyceridemia.

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