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New consensus statement for managing early-onset colorectal cancer

Time : 1st of February 2023 10:40:11 AM Oncology,Gastroenterology

DIRECt, a multidisciplinary group, developed 31 statements on areas of interest, including diagnosis, pathology-oncology, treatment, endoscopy, and supportive care. It strongly advised CRC risk stratification in people under 50 years of age and germline testing in newly diagnosed patients. It said that early-onset CRC treatment should not differ from later-onset CRC treatment.
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Appendectomy may raise the risk of colorectal cancer

Time : 24th of January 2023 11:27:52 AM Physician/Medicine,Oncology,General Surgery,Gastroenterology

A Chinese study revealed that appendectomy could impact the homeostasis in the gut microbiome in patients, thereby increasing their risk of developing colorectal cancer. Shotgun metagenomic sequencing on faecal samples of patients who underwent appendectomy showed the enrichment of 7 colorectal cancer-promoting bacterial species and the depletion of 5 commensal species.
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FAST score could help diagnose fibrotic NASH non-invasively

Time : 20th of January 2023 11:26:38 AM Gastroenterology,Diagnostics & Pathology

A meta-analysis published in the Gut revealed that the FibroScan-aspartate aminotransferase score had 89% and 89% of pooled sensitivity and specificity in diagnosing fibrotic NSH. The positive and negative predictive values of the FAST score were 65% and 92%, respectively. The findings indicate that it can be used to identify people who should undergo a biopsy or treatment.
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ACG's updated recommendations for managing celiac disease

Time : 18th of January 2023 12:52:36 PM Gastroenterology

The guidelines included advice on the indication for testing, diagnostic strategies, the role of biopsy, genetic testing and gluten challenge, preventive care, adherence to a gluten-free diet, probiotics, and differential diagnosis. Esophagogastroduodenoscopy and biopsy are advised to confirm the diagnosis. Intestinal healing is advised as a goal for gluten-free diet therapy.
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Avoiding fast food could save your liver

Time : 18th of January 2023 12:28:31 PM Physician/Medicine,Nutrition & Fitness,Gastroenterology

A recent study revealed that consuming fast food not only affects the heart and blood sugar levels but also increases the risk of developing nonalcoholic fatty liver disease. People who consumed a minimum of 20% of their total calories from fast food in a day were at a higher risk of fatty liver disease. This risk was even higher in diabetics and obese.

PPIs do not raise the risk of gastric cancer

Time : 16th of January 2023 09:32:33 AM Physician/Medicine,Pharma News,Oncology,Gastroenterology

A systematic review and meta-analysis suggested that the evidence did not indicate any association between proton pump inhibitors and gastric cancer. It also revealed that the evidence was of low certainty. It was also not convincing to indicate a dose-response relation or increased risk of gastric cancer with long-term use of PPIs in people requiring gastric acid suppression.
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Meta-analysis reveals two drugs effective for gastroparesis

Time : 13th of January 2023 09:42:24 AM Pharma News,Gastroenterology

A study compared the drugs' efficacy based on symptom resolution and safety. It ranked clebopride first based on efficacy, and domperidone was ranked second. Other drugs were not found to be superior to placebo. Only oral dopamine antagonist and tachykinin-1 antagonist classes were found to be efficacious. Metoclopramide was efficacious for nausea, fullness, and bloating.
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PPIs in diabetics could increase the risk of heart disease

Time : 11th of January 2023 11:21:08 AM Gastroenterology,Endocrinology & Diabetes,Cardiology

Proton pump inhibitor use in patients with type 2 diabetes was tied to a higher risk of coronary artery disease, heart failure, myocardial infarction, and all-cause mortality, as per a study. But, there was no link between PPI use and stroke. Physicians should consider benefits and risks while prescribing PPIs and monitor adverse cardiovascular events during the treatment.
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Experts design a strategy to monitor patients with eosinophilic esophagitis

Time : 10th of January 2023 12:41:06 PM Gastroenterology

A panel of experienced experts concluded that maintenance treatment could reduce EoE complications. The panel recommended regular, individualized, and structured follow-ups of patients to evaluate disease activity, monitor side effects, encourage treatment adherence, and adjust treatment. It also advised periodic endoscopy and histological assessments.
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Gut microbes can improve a person's motivation to exercise

Time : 6th of January 2023 10:33:11 AM Nutrition & Fitness,Gastroenterology

A study revealed that variations in running performances among mice were linked to the presence of some gut bacteria in high-performing mice. These bacteria produce certain metabolites that trigger sensory nerves of the gut to improve activity in the brain regions that control motivation during exercise. The findings could pave the way for studies on exercise physiology.
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