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AHA explains the difference between heart attack and cardiac arrest

Time : 8th of December 2022 10:14:31 AM Physician/Medicine,Entertainment,Cardiology

Heart attacks occur when an artery gets blocked, preventing blood supply to a part of the heart and leading to the death of the artery. It can be immediate and start with mild to no symptoms. In contrast, cardiac arrest is sudden without warning when the heart stops beating and pumping blood due to electrical malfunctioning. Death can occur within minutes after cardiac arrest.
  American Heart Association

What are the warning signs of suicide?

Time : 7th of December 2022 10:38:02 AM Psychiatry & Mental Health,Physician/Medicine,Entertainment

Talking about wanting to die, shame or guilt, being a burden to others, feeling trapped, empty, hopeless, sad, anxious, agitated, rage, unbearable physical and emotional pain are warning signs of suicide. Changes in behaviour like researching ways to die, withdrawal from friends, giving away things, making a will, and taking dangerous steps also include suicidal behaviours.
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What is calisthenics?

Time : 6th of December 2022 11:37:38 AM Nutrition & Fitness,Entertainment

It is a form of exercise that uses a person's body weight as resistance for doing full-body and complex exercises. It combines heart-pumping cardiovascular exercises and strength and resistance training. It has the advantages of being versatile and easy, does not need equipment, and can be done at home. It is associated with a very low risk of injuries.
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Elon Musk's Neuralink is under investigation for violations

Time : 6th of December 2022 10:35:30 AM Physician/Medicine,Pharma News,Neurology & Neurosurgery,Entertainment

Internal staff complaints of animal-welfare violations leading to needless suffering and deaths have caused federal investigation, according to sources. The employees also complained that the rush to develop products led to botched experiments. The firm is developing brain implants that target paralyzed people and those with neurological diseases.
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Adding less salt to your food at the table may lower heart disease risk

Time : 30th of November 2022 09:52:09 AM Physician/Medicine,Nutrition & Fitness,Entertainment,Cardiology

Adding more salt to food less often reduced the risk of heart failure, heart disease, and ischemic heart disease, as per a new study. Also, following behavioural interventions to reduce salt intake and the DASH-style diet could improve heart health. These findings could encourage patients as they suggest reducing salt intake but not removing salt entirely from the diet.
  American College of Cardiology

WHO changes the name of monkeypox to mpox

Time : 29th of November 2022 01:12:47 PM Trending,Physician/Medicine,Nursing,Entertainment

The agency said it would begin using the name "mpox" as a synonym for "monkeypox". It also said both names would be used for a year while the term "monkeypox" gets phased out. The name change decision was taken over concerns of stigma and racism raised by countries and people. The name will be included in the ICD-10 now and ICD-11 in the official 2023 release.
  World Health Organization

What are the natural ways of lowering blood pressure?

Time : 25th of November 2022 12:53:58 PM Physician/Medicine,Nutrition & Fitness,Entertainment,Cardiology

Eating less salt or sodium, consuming more potassium, adopting the DASH diet, being physically active by doing aerobic exercises, limiting alcohol use, achieving a healthy weight by shedding a few pounds, quitting smoking, getting enough and good quality sleep, and reducing stress and anxiety are some of the ways to lower blood pressure naturally.
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What to do when a child swallows a button battery?

Time : 23rd of November 2022 12:50:46 PM Physician/Medicine,Paediatrics,Entertainment,Emergency Medicine

Button batteries are coin-shaped batteries used in watches, hearing aids, car keys, and toys. Ingesting them is dangerous as they can cause holes in the oesophagus or intestines, ultimately causing tissue damage and death. If a child swallows a button battery, immediately go to the nearest emergency. Vomiting induction and the Heimlich manoeuvre are not recommended.
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Laughing gas balloons causing an increasing number of poisonings

Time : 22nd of November 2022 01:11:29 PM Physician/Medicine,Entertainment

Recreational use of nitrous oxide among young people is increasing, and it is wrongly perceived as safe. However, inhaling the gas directly from the cartridges and dispensers could cause lung injury, severe cold burns and sometimes brain and spinal cord problems. Recently, European countries have seen increased poisoning cases and accidents while driving intoxicated.
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How to differentiate between kidney stones and gallbladder stones?

Time : 18th of November 2022 10:59:46 AM Nephrology,Gastroenterology,Entertainment

Gallstones and kidney stones can exist without symptoms. Gallstones occur in the gallbladder, a part of the digestive system, while kidney stones occur in the urinary tract. Gallstones cause pain in the mid-upper abdomen and spread to the back or below the right shoulder. Kidney stones cause pain in the side or lower back, which spreads to the groin and lower abdomen.
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