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Nasal vasculitis in young patients could be due to cocaine use

Time : 18th of April 2023 10:23:40 AM Physician/Medicine,Paediatrics,Otolaryngology

A study found that current cocaine use was common in young patients who presented with destructive nasal lesions or vasculitis with granulomatosis with polyangiitis. A routine toxicology screen showed that 20 out of 23 samples were positive, identified 9 patients who denied never using cocaine as users, and 11 tested positive despite claiming as ex-users.
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Are the OTC hearing aids similar to audiologist-fit hearing aids?

Time : 17th of April 2023 11:12:38 AM Physician/Medicine,Otolaryngology

Researchers found no significant differences in the effectiveness of over-the-counter Lexi Lumen hearing aids self-fitted by patients or fitted by audiologists at a clinic at six weeks. These findings suggest that hearing aids provide the same benefits when fitted by patients themselves or audiologists at the clinic. These hearing aids are approved and regulated by the FDA.

What do frequent earworms tell about your health?

Time : 4th of April 2023 10:14:17 AM Otolaryngology,Neurology & Neurosurgery

Though earworms are often harmless, studies have shown they can indicate serious medical conditions in some people. They could point to obsessive compulsion disorder, migraine, to seizures. They are also associated with symptoms like tremors in the legs or arms, speech arrest, loss of consiousness, vision changes, and confusion. Persistent earworms might need medical help.

What are the negative effects of bone-conducting headphones?

Time : 3rd of March 2023 10:12:09 AM Otolaryngology,Entertainment

The reported side effects so far are discomfort, headaches, vertigo, and dizziness. These effects could be mostly because of vibrations that transmit sound through bones, and the vibrations get more intense as the music gets louder, giving cheekbones a weird feeling. Although manufacturers say these earphones are entirely safe, experts say it is untrue.

Cancer patients on cisplatin chemotherapy should get hearing loss tests

Time : 27th of January 2023 11:10:15 AM Pharma News,Otolaryngology,Oncology

Hearing loss and tinnitus were experienced by more than 50% of patients on cisplatin-based chemotherapy, as per a study. About 10% of survivors needed hearing aids, while over 35% reported functional impairment. Severe hearing impairment and tinnitus, as measured by HHIA and TPFQ scores, were linked to cognitive dysfunction, fatigue, depression and worse overall health.
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Hearing loss is linked to dementia in older people

Time : 12th of January 2023 10:30:23 AM Physician/Medicine,Otolaryngology,Neurology & Neurosurgery

A study that analysed over 2400 individuals revealed that dementia was 61% more prevalent in people with moderate or severe hearing loss than in those with moderate hearing. On the other hand, people using hearing aids had a 32% lower prevalence of dementia. These findings suggest that hearing loss could increase the risk of dementia over time.
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Can dental implants act as hearing aids?

Time : 27th of December 2022 09:57:07 AM Physician/Medicine,Otolaryngology,Dentistry

A recent study showed that dental implants had higher sensitivity for bone conduction than mastoid bones and natural teeth at certain frequencies. These findings also suggested dental implants in the posterior teeth had a higher threshold to detect vibrations than anterior teeth implants. It could be because of differences in bone density between the back and front teeth.
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A billion young people are at risk of hearing loss

Time : 17th of November 2022 10:53:58 AM Otolaryngology,Entertainment

Unsafe listening practices are the reasons for the increased risk of hearing loss in young people, according to a study. Loud headphones and live events at bars or concerts are some examples. Experts recommend headsets, ear plugs, or air plugs to lower decibels to safeguard hearing. Taking breaks to reduce the exposure could also reduce the harm to hearing.
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Transoral thyroidectomy through endoscopy is safer than open surgery

Time : 4th of November 2022 10:03:50 AM Otolaryngology,Oncology,General Surgery

Transoral endoscopic thyroidectomy via vestibular approach was linked to better cosmetic satisfaction and quality of life than open thyroidectomy in people with papillary thyroid cancer, as per a study. However, it was also associated with longer operative times, drainage times, and higher WBC counts. No differences were observed in other surgical outcomes.
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Nose picking raises the risk of dementia and Alzheimer's

Time : 3rd of November 2022 12:54:16 PM Otolaryngology,Neurology & Neurosurgery

A recent study showed that Chlamydia pneumoniae could use the olfactory nerve from the nose to enter the brain. This invasion could increase the amyloid beta protein deposition, a marker for Alzheimer's disease. Though the study was done on mouse models, humans also have the same pathway. Thus investigators believe picking the nose and plucking nose hairs could harm the brain.
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