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Recommendation of drugs for headache dropped among US headache-related ED visits

Time : 27th of June 2022 11:14:44 AM Physician/Medicine,Pharma News,Emergency Medicine

The use of opioids for headaches lowered from 54.1% in 2007-2010 to 28.3% in 2015-2018 among headache-related ED- visits, as per a survey. However, there was an increase in the acetaminophen/NSAIDs, corticosteroids and diphenhydramine use during 2007-2018. Also, changes in ergot alkaloid/triptan, antiemetic, butalbital, and neuroimaging use were insignificant over time.
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Climate change due to fossil fuel pollution could affect children's health

Time : 22nd of June 2022 08:34:15 AM Paediatrics,Emergency Medicine

The air pollution-driven climate changes resulting from fossil fuel combustion significantly affect the immediate and long-term physical and mental health of pregnant women, fetuses, infants, and children, as per a report. Although all children face this risk, the highest burden of air pollution-driven climate changes was on socially and economically disadvantaged children.
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ACS Committee on Trauma revises field triage guidelines for injured patients

Time : 17th of June 2022 11:45:44 AM Physician/Medicine,Nursing,Emergency Medicine

The recommendation stressed the need to transport injured patients to the right-level trauma centre, which reflects the assessments done in the field to make precise judgements about the status of therapy a wounded patient might require. The revised advice reflects the information flow to EMS physicians and actual use in the field and incorporates direct feedback from EMS.
  American college of Surgeons

US: Race bias exists in paediatric emergency department diagnostic imaging

Time : 8th of June 2022 12:11:39 PM Radiology,Physician/Medicine,Paediatrics,Emergency Medicine,Diagnostics & Pathology

Hospitals with a greater proportion of pediatric patients from the minoritised groups had a larger difference in imaging between non-Hispanic White and Black patients, as per a study. Non-Hispanic White patients were more likely to receive the imaging than Blacks. These findings emphasise the need to improve the equity of imaging in the paediatrics emergency department.

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A case of atypical brachial plexitis related to COVID-19

Time : 1st of June 2022 04:36:09 PM Trending,Radiology,Physician/Medicine,Nursing,Neurology & Neurosurgery,Emergency Medicine,Diagnostics & Pathology,Covid-19

A 47-year-old woman presented to the ED with chest pain and shortness of breath complaints. The patient was initially diagnosed with COVID-19 and managed. However, after 2 months, she presented to the ED with chest pain. She was diagnosed with atypical sensory brachial plexus neuritis related to COVID-19 and managed with oral steroids based on lab and clinical findings.


What are hot flashes? Do they mean menopause?

Time : 1st of June 2022 02:47:03 PM Physician/Medicine,Obstetrics & Gynaecology,Emergency Medicine

The sudden sensations of heat that may or may be associated with sweating and flushing are known as hot flashes. About 75% of people experience hot flashes when going through the menopause stage. Also, fluctuation in hormones associated with menopause can cause hot flashes in the perimenopause phase. Women can experience hot flashes even in their sleep.

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Females are facing disparities in trauma care timeliness

Time : 30th of May 2022 10:47:13 AM Physician/Medicine,Nursing,General Surgery,Emergency Medicine

Female patients with trauma experienced longer delays in receiving trauma care than their male counterparts, as per a study. Also, females experienced a significantly lengthier stay in the emergency department, longer time in pre-triage and an increased likelihood of shifting to long-term care or nursing facilities instead of a home after discharge.

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A case of transverse myelitis and interstitial lung disease after COVID-19 shot

Time : 27th of May 2022 05:46:32 PM Trending,Radiology,Physician/Medicine,Nursing,Neurology & Neurosurgery,Emergency Medicine,Diagnostics & Pathology,Covid-19

A 61-year-old woman presented to an emergency department with complaints of fever, dyspnea and cough. The patient reported that her symptoms began after receiving the second dose of the CoronaVac vaccine. A chest x-ray demonstrated infiltrates in both lungs. She was managed with supplemental oxygen, but her condition gradually worsened. She was managed with methylprednisolone.


Drone-delivered defibrillator saves a man who suffered cardiac arrest

Time : 23rd of May 2022 01:09:08 PM Physician/Medicine,Nursing,Emergency Medicine,Cardiology

A 71-year-old man had a cardiac arrest outside his house. An emergency physician initiated chest compression-only resuscitation. The dispatch centre altered EMS, and a smartphone was used to dispatch AED equipped drone. The AED was safely delivered in 3 minutes and 19 seconds. The AED was immediately attached to the patient, and a first shock was delivered.

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A case of euglycemic diabetic ketoacidosis after halting SGLT2 inhibitor

Time : 20th of May 2022 03:08:37 PM Trending,Physician/Medicine,Nursing,Endocrinology & Diabetes,Emergency Medicine

A 45-year-old man presented to an ED with fatigue, abdominal pain, vomiting and nausea for one day. The patient had a history of hypertension, T2DM, dyslipidemia, and asthma, and he was on medication. He started a keto diet, and self stopped diabetic medication before the presentation. The patient was diagnosed with euglycemic diabetic ketoacidosis.