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BioGX and Cepheid announce collaboration to generate monkeypox PCR test

Time : 28th of June 2022 03:57:48 PM Trending,Physician/Medicine,Pharma News,Diagnostics & Pathology

Cepheid and BioGX announced a business collaboration between the companies for validating and delivering a PCR test to diagnose monkeypox, which could work on the GeneXpert System. The globally installed base of about 40,000 GeneXpert Systems across 180 countries enables this test to be quickly deployed in multiple settings where immediate information is needed.
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Researchers develop a simple blood test to predict the risk of liver cancer

Time : 27th of June 2022 12:58:07 PM Oncology,Gastroenterology,Diagnostics & Pathology

Identifying the protein levels in the blood samples of NAFLD patients could detect the patients who should be closely monitored for liver cancer. The new test noninvasively identifies the patients who should be followed closely with regular ultrasounds. Most proteins and genes that predict liver cancer risk are inflammatory and immune molecules.
  UT Southwestern Medical Center

Frontostriatal mechanisms could cause aggression towards outgroup members

Time : 23rd of June 2022 11:11:03 AM Physician/Medicine,Neurology & Neurosurgery,Diagnostics & Pathology

People showed an aggressive tendency to harm other people in opposing groups due to increased activity in the brain's reward network, as per a study. This aggression was positively associated with increased neuronal activity in the dorsal and rostral medial prefrontal cortex, ventral striatum, and the nucleus accumbens while deciding the magnitude of aggression.
  Virginia Commonwealth University

Wrist-worn trackers could detect COVID-19 in the incubation period

Time : 23rd of June 2022 10:07:29 AM Diagnostics & Pathology,Covid-19

Health trackers with wearable sensor technology worn on the wrist like Ava bracelet combined with the artificial intelligence-based computer algorithm detected COVID-19 before the initial onset of symptoms or in the incubation period, according to a study. These trackers detected 68% of patients with COVID-19 two days before their first symptoms appeared.
  The Guardian

Intracoronary ACh for epicardial and microvascular spasm diagnosis could be safe

Time : 22nd of June 2022 12:19:36 PM Physician/Medicine,Diagnostics & Pathology,Cardiology

Incidence of major complications associated with intracoronary acetylcholine (ACh) was 0.5% without death reports, as per a study. Also, the procedure showed superior safety records in Western populations presenting with myocardial ischemia or infarction with non-obstructive coronary arteries. These findings will help to standardise Ach testing to improve clinical diagnosis.
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FDA approves new blood tests for the diagnosis of SLE and systemic sclerosis

Time : 22nd of June 2022 11:41:44 AM Physician/Medicine,Pharma News,Diagnostics & Pathology

Thermo Scientific EliA Rib-P and EliA RNA Pol III tests received FDA approval for aiding in the diagnosis of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) and systemic sclerosis (SSc). These new tests were designed to improve the differentiation of SLE and SSc from other connective tissue diseases. Targeting the gaps in existing diagnostic care leads to more accurate and early diagnosis.
  Thermo Fisher Scientific

Anthracycline-linked LV dysfunction could be predicted by a blood cell biomarker

Time : 21st of June 2022 02:55:37 PM Pharma News,Oncology,Diagnostics & Pathology,Cardiology

Growth differentiation factor 15 and Galectin-13 levels were doubled and linked to increased risk of early anthracycline-induced cardiotoxicity (ACIC) with hazard ratios of 3.74 and 4.25, respectively, according to a study. Neuropilin-1 and complement factor H were identified as potential ACIC biomarkers after a biomarker interactome analysis.
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A glucose meter could soon detect SARS-CoV-2 antibodies

Time : 21st of June 2022 01:39:12 PM Physician/Medicine,Endocrinology & Diabetes,Diagnostics & Pathology,Covid-19

Researchers developed an accurate, simple glucose-meter-based assay using a novel fusion protein to detect SARS-CoV-2 antibodies. This fusion protein contains an IgG antibody and invertase bounded with the viral spike protein. The antibodies present in the patient's sample could bind to the spike protein enabling the display of antibody levels on a glucose meter.
  American Chemical Society

Perioperative breathomics could identify lung cancer breath biomarkers

Time : 21st of June 2022 11:47:23 AM Pulmonology,Oncology,Diagnostics & Pathology

Perioperative breathomics showed 16 volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as lung cancer breath biomarkers, as per a study. Another study showed that lung cancer patients had a peak intensity of 16 VOCs after adjusting for sex, age, smoking and comorbidities. Diagnostic models including 16 VOCs and top 8 VOCs had 89.1% and 86.9% accuracy in lung cancer diagnosis, respectively.
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A student was awarded $111 million in botched surgery case

Time : 21st of June 2022 11:10:00 AM Physician/Medicine,General Surgery,Diagnostics & Pathology

A federal jury of Minnesota found that St.Cloud medical centre botched the surgery of a college student in a procedure that left catastrophic damage to his left leg. The student suffered from permanent damage due to the negligence of two doctors. The civil lawsuit accused the St. Cloud Ortho and CentraCare Health System of failing to evaluate his initial symptoms and diagnosis.
  CBS News