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World Cancer Congress 2020

Date: From 20 November 2020 To 21 November 2020
Venue : New Delhi, India

The conference offers a platform for the oncologists and experts both from Industry and academia working in various sub domains of oncology ranging from classical oncology to the advanced technologies and image analysis in oncology including oncological diagnosis and therapy.
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International Congress on Oncology Research and Development

Date: From 09 October 2020 To 10 October 2020
Venue : Mumbai, India
Oncology,Pharma,Radiology & Diagnostics,Genera

The aim of the conference is to bring practising oncologists and patient support advocacy groups together to discuss the latest developments in oncology research, drugs/diagnostics, technology therapies and patient care programs to promote the cancer patients getting a high standard of care in parallel to global standards.
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International Conference on Frontiers in Lung Cancer

Date: From 15 November 2020 To 16 November 2020
Venue : Brisbane, Australia
Radiology & Diagnostics,Pulmonology,Oncolog

The main theme of the Conference is “Prodigious Discoveries in Lung Cancer” which brings together efficient international academic scientists, pulmonologists, radiologists and pathologists to share experiences, gain and evaluate emerging technologies in lung cancer treatment and research across the globe.
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World Congress on Chemotherapy and Immunotherapy

Date: From 27 October 2020 To 28 October 2020
Venue : Amsterdam, Netherlands
Radiology & Diagnostics,Oncolog

The aim of the conference is to gather oncologists, scientists, researchers, medical students, pharmacists, medical professors, gynecologists, molecular biologists and radiologists to share their knowledge and have a discussion on the current issue on cancer and development of cancer therapies.
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Cell Signaling and Cancer Therapy Summit

Date: From 28 May 2020 To 29 May 2020
Venue : London, UK

The conference aims to bring together the pioneers in both basic and translational cancer research and cover the research studies fundamentals of cancer cells and hormone responses, cancer-controlling proteins, cell signaling and growth, novel diagnostic methods, new-generation molecular targeted therapies and immune treatments.
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World Congress on Women Oncology and Care

Date: From 12 April 2020 To 13 April 2020
Venue : Tokyo, Japan
,Radiology & Diagnostics,Obstetrics & Gynaecology,Oncolog

The Conference covers a wide range of sessions oncology and imaging. This multidisciplinary multi-speciality oncology course will cover all aspects of cancer imaging and intervention. The objective of this meeting is to share the foremost knowledge on radiology and novel therapeutic options in cancer treatment.
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Apollo Cancer Conclave and Cancer CI 2020

Date: From 12 February 2020 To 15 February 2020
Venue : HICC, Hyderabad. India

The conference will deliberate on new developments, controversies and evidence-based practice guidelines in oncology. The highlights of the conference are Workshops on Robotic Surgery, Sessions on Breast, H&N, G.I, Neuro, Lung & Lymphomas, Case Capsules, Practice changing innovations of last 2 years and Poster presentations for Students and Young Oncologists.
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World Congress on Breast Cancer

Date: From 19 April 2020 To 20 April 2020
Venue : Berlin, Germany

The theme of the conference is “Determining The Possible Ways To Cure And Prevent Breast Cancer’’. This conference provides a platform for sharing of information about breast cancer treatment techniques and newly developed techniques and about the recent researches on breast cancer.
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SIOP Asia Conference 2020

Date: From 26 March 2020 To 28 March 2020
Venue : Mumbai, India

The Paediatric Hematology and Oncology Chapter of the Indian Academy of Paediatrics is hosting the congress of SIOP-Asia. The mission is to improve the outcome of children with cancer in India. This conference would be a good platform to promote optimal standards of care for children and young adults with cancer across the Asian continent.
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The 2nd Head and Neck Conference: The Multidisciplinary Approach

Date: From 04 December 2019 To 05 December 2019
Venue : Abu Dhabi, UAE

The conference theme is "Explored and Exploit the Strategies of Head and Neck Treatment" which will emphasize the latest and inspiring new scientific innovations. This also explores on the treatment and prevention of head and neck cancers, the latest procedures in oncology and an opportunity to witness the great accumulation of individuals around the world.
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