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FDA approves new chemotherapy for endometrial cancer

Time : 1st of August 2023 09:37:31 AM Oncology,Obstetrics & Gynaecology

Dostarlimab-gxly (Jemperli) got approval to be used in combination with paclitaxel and carboplatin, followed by dostarlimab-gxly for treating recurrent and advanced endometrial cancer, which is microsatellite instability-high, or mismatch repair deficient, tested positive on an FDA approved test. It was granted breakthrough and priority review designations.

FDA approves a new PET agent for prostate cancer imaging

Time : 1st of June 2023 09:54:03 AM Radiology,Oncology

POSLUMA® (flotufolastat F18), developed by Blue Earth Diagnostics, is the prostate-specific membrane antigen with multiple indications in PET imaging for men with PSMA-positive lesions and suspected metastasis. It can also be used for men with suspected recurrence based on higher PSA levels. It demonstrated precision even at low PSA levels, with an 83% overall detection rate.
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Bladder removal is not needed for muscle-invasive bladder cancer

Time : 29th of May 2023 12:00:52 PM Oncology

Trimodality therapy produced outcomes similar to radial cystectomy for muscle-invasive bladder cancer, as per a study. The rates of 5-year metastasis-free survival, distant failure-free survival, failure-free survival, and cancer-specific survival were also similar with both treatment approaches, supporting trimodality therapy in cases where surgery is not an option.
  Urology Times

Appendicitis could be a warning sign for colon cancer!

Time : 25th of May 2023 10:17:10 AM Physician/Medicine,Oncology,General Surgery,Gastroenterology

A population-based study on more than 230,000 patients with acute appendicitis revealed that colon cancer cases were higher in the appendicitis group, particularly in the first year after appendicitis, compared to that in the control group. This association was even stronger for right-sided colon cancer. The risk was six times higher in patients aged 40 years and above.
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FDA grants approval to subcutaneous epocoritamab got DLBCL

Time : 23rd of May 2023 09:44:14 AM Pharma News,Oncology

Epkinly (SC epcoritamab) can be used for treating individuals with relapsed/refractory diffuse large B-cell lymphoma treated with 2 or more lines of systemic therapy. This treatment does not require a special registry like CAR T-cell therapy, making it more available to physicians and patients in community settings. Cytokine release syndrome and fever are common adverse events.
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Weight gain in early life in men linked to prostate cancer mortality

Time : 22nd of May 2023 10:27:29 AM Physician/Medicine,Oncology

Men who gain over 12 kg body weight before 30 years of age are at 13% higher risk of developing aggressive prostate cancer and 27% higher risk of dying from prostate cancer later in life than men who maintain their teenage body weight, says decades-long research on over 25,000 Swedish men. However, more research is needed to understand this biological link.
  The Guardian

How obesity affects the risk of digestive cancers?

Time : 17th of May 2023 12:13:54 PM Oncology,Nutrition & Fitness,Gastroenterology

Another cohort study revealed that BMI measures suggesting overweight and obesity in wary and middle adulthood were associated with a higher risk of developing colorectal and non-colorectal gastrointestinal cancers. Moreover, increasing or maintaining BMI measures indicating obesity or overweight were also linked to an increased risk of digestive cancers.
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US: A cancer expert chosen to head the National Institutes of Health

Time : 17th of May 2023 11:09:06 AM Physician/Medicine,Oncology

President Biden nominated Dr Monica Bertagnolli, a cancer researcher and surgeon, to become the first female head of the NIH. Recently she became the first female to lead NIH's National Cancer Institute. She was diagnosed with breast cancer shortly after becoming the director of NCI. She is believed to bring a patient's perspective from firsthand experience with cancer.
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FDA suspends breast cancer drug from Byondis

Time : 17th of May 2023 10:43:26 AM Pharma News,Oncology

Biological License Application for anti-HER2 antibody-drug conjugate [vic-]trastuzumab duocarmazine (SYD985) was suspended as the agency needed additional information. This information may need more time and resources, which could extend beyond this evaluation period. However, the firm is confident that its drug provides clinical benefits to patients.

Palliative care for cancer surgery may not improve patient outcomes

Time : 16th of May 2023 12:50:40 PM Oncology,General Surgery

Palliative therapies given to patients with cancer before they undergo curative treatments like surgeries and bone marrow transplants do not demonstrate any benefits or harm to patients in any way, as per a study. These findings could help deal with the short supply of palliative care specialists and better use their services for patients with unmet palliative needs.