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FDA approves Mekinist plus Tafinlar for treating tumours with BRAF mutations

Time : 28th of June 2022 09:53:42 AM Pharma News,Oncology

Novartis announced that the FDA granted accelerated approval for Mekinist (trametinib) plus Tafinlar (dabrafenib) for treating individuals aged above 6 years with metastatic or unresectable solid tumours with the BRAF V600E mutation who were left with no other alternative treatments. Mekinist plus Tafinlar showed overall response rates of 80% in phase II studies.

Researchers develop a simple blood test to predict the risk of liver cancer

Time : 27th of June 2022 12:58:07 PM Oncology,Gastroenterology,Diagnostics & Pathology

Identifying the protein levels in the blood samples of NAFLD patients could detect the patients who should be closely monitored for liver cancer. The new test noninvasively identifies the patients who should be followed closely with regular ultrasounds. Most proteins and genes that predict liver cancer risk are inflammatory and immune molecules.
  UT Southwestern Medical Center

Either DBT or digital mammography is enough for breast cancer screening

Time : 27th of June 2022 10:49:59 AM Oncology

Screening with digital breast tomosynthesis (DBT) vs digital mammography was associated with a lower risk of late-stage breast cancer in only 3.6% of women with dense breasts and high breast cancer risk, as per a study. The rate of advanced cancer was not different for digital mammography vs DBT in women with heterogeneously dense breasts and low breast cancer risk.
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Approval of new cancer drugs could be faster in the US than in Europe

Time : 24th of June 2022 07:13:39 PM Physician/Medicine,Pharma News,Oncology

FDA approved about 85 oncology treatments before European authorisation, while it approved only four drugs after European approval from 2010 to 2019, as per a study. The median review time of the FDA was 200 days compared to 426 days for the European Medicines Agency (EMA). Also, more applications for new licensing were submitted first to FDA compared to EMA.
  Renal & Urology News

Beta-blockers could enhance the efficacy of immune checkpoint inhibitors

Time : 24th of June 2022 02:25:44 PM Pharma News,Oncology

Concurrent use of beta-blockers enhanced the clinical activity of immune checkpoint inhibitors and influenced the overall survival in patients with solid tumours, especially urothelial carcinoma, according to a study. It is because beta-blockade stimulates the CD8+ T cell activity and improves immune checkpoint inhibitors' clinical activity in inhibiting tumour growth.
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NCCN issues updated guidelines on Hodgkin Lymphoma

Time : 24th of June 2022 01:59:21 PM Oncology

The NCCN's insights of Hodgkin lymphoma (HL), version 2.2022, includes the recent updates on HL, mainly focusing on the dose constraints of radiation therapy and the management of relapsed or refractory and advanced-stage classical HL (cHL). NCCN recommended chemotherapy for patients with stage III and IV cHL after restaging with PET or CT scan.
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Zanubrutinib-Obinutuzumab could double PFS in patients with follicular lymphoma

Time : 23rd of June 2022 01:59:13 PM Pharma News,Oncology

The overall response rate in patients who received Zanubrutinib-Obinutuzumab (ZO) was 68.3%, compared to 45.8% in those who received only Obinutuzumab (O), as per a study. Also, the complete response rate was 37.2% with ZO therapy than 19.4% with only O therapy. The median progression-free survival with ZO therapy was 27.4 months compared to 11.2 months with only O therapy.
  European Hematology Association

Black women have high breast cancer mortality than white women

Time : 23rd of June 2022 10:57:26 AM Oncology

Despite a lower incidence of breast cancer among Black women, the age-adjusted breast-cancer mortality was about 40% more among them than non-Hispanic White women in the US, according to a study. This disparity might be due to Black women facing more substantial barriers to obtaining high-quality, timely medical care for cancer than white women.
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A case of relapsed hepatosplenic T-cell lymphoma

Time : 22nd of June 2022 12:45:11 PM Physician/Medicine,Oncology

A 35-years-old man presented to ED with painful distention and fatigue on the left side of the abdomen from 3 weeks. The patient had a history of hepatosplenic T cell lymphoid and was treated. An abdominal CT scan confirmed hepatomegaly and splenomegaly. Lab reports showed elevated WBC count. He was initiated with an immune checkpoint inhibitor and opioid analgesic.
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Cancer-preventing vaccines could kill cancer cells before they form

Time : 22nd of June 2022 08:34:48 AM Physician/Medicine,Oncology

Scientists started the early clinical trials of the Lynch vaccine, the first clinical trial of a vaccine that prevents nonviral cancers. This vaccine delivers unique tumour antigens, which are abundantly present in tumours, to stimulate the immune cells, producing killer T-cells and antibodies that attack developing cancer cells and prevent the tumour growth.
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