Docsvalley Editorial Policy:

1. Introduction
  • Docsvalley is free to use app that summarises the latest healthcare news selected from multiple national and international sources.
  • We curate latest trending healthcare related articles from different sources and we write our own title and a summary of the story without copying or doing plagiarism. Our summaries and articles contain only titles, facts and images.
  • We take enormous care in maintaining high-quality standards for the content we create, and we are very specific on the content published in our app and website.
  • The images we select are from our own paid sources or from free to use sources, and we don’t take any images from the third-party articles.
2. Docsvalley App navigation and links to third party external links
  • We write our own title, a summary of the article and use non-copyrighted images for all our articles, but we still acknowledge the original authors and researchers of the articles by providing third party external links, where more information on the relevant topic can be found.
  • When the Docsvalley app opens, the user arrives at the landing page with the latest story of the day. By sliding up, down one can go to the earlier article and next article.
  • The slide-right option takes the user to the home page, slide left option takes the user to an external link that opens inside the app to start with.
  • We provide an option for the user to open links to third-party news articles in the external link in the default browser outside the Docsvalley app. We provide users with an option to open external links outside the app in Safari browser if they have the browser on the phone.
  • We publish our own full-length articles at from the information collected from multiple sources.
3. We make sure we don’t infringe upon rights owned by other news and media outlets.
  • Plagiarism is not acceptable to us; we make sure all our summaries and articles go through our state-of-the-art anti-plagiarism tools.
  • We apply high anti-plagiarism standards and regard even six consecutive words from the source as potential plagiarism. But, if these six consecutive words are part of a direct quote or technical/medical terminology, we don’t consider it plagiarism.
  • Every article goes through multiple layers of checks for plagiarism, grammar, errors, ease of reading and authenticity of the news story.