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A case of ventricular switch done on a 2-month-old baby

Time : 6th of October 2022 02:04:13 PM Physician/Medicine,Paediatrics,Nursing,Cardiology

A baby with a double-outlet right ventricle and a ventricular septal defect was on a ventilator since birth. A ventricular switch was performed successfully in a single operation. The surgeon used a conduit to connect the pulmonary artery and the ventricle, and it would need replacement every 3 to 5 years. But, the patient "may" suffer right ventricular failure in adulthood.
  Cleveland Clinic

What are the best seeds to include in your diet?

Time : 6th of October 2022 02:03:17 PM Physician/Medicine,Nutrition & Fitness

Flax, chia, sunflower, pumpkin, sesame, and hemp seeds can be a great addition to your diet, as per an expert dietician. Flax seeds are best when ground up, while chia seeds should be soaked in water. Pumpkin seeds can be eaten unshelled or shelled and roasted, while sunflower, hemp, and sesame seeds and be eaten in salads and mixed with other dishes.
  Cleveland Clinic

Eating late in the evening makes you hungry and burn fewer calories

Time : 6th of October 2022 12:52:47 PM Physician/Medicine,Nutrition & Fitness

Eating later affected hunger and the hormones that regulate the appetite, as per a study. Levels of leptin that indicate satiety reduced 24 hours after late eating than early eating. People who ate later also had slower calorie burning, reduced lipolysis, and increased adipogenesis, suggesting a higher risk of obesity. Thus, shifting to early eating could help lose weight.

Nifedipine can help women with severe preeclampsia

Time : 6th of October 2022 11:52:49 AM Pharma News,Obstetrics & Gynaecology,Cardiology

About 34% of women on extended release nifedipine had one or more acute hypertension therapies for BP 160/100 mm Hg or more sustained for 10 minutes or more, compared to 55% of women on placebo, as per a study. Fewer women on nifedipine needed C-sections (20.8% vs 34.7%). Also, the rates of NICU admissions were lower (29.1% vs 47.1%) in the nifedipine group.
  Physician's Weekly

New consensus report on managing diabetes in chronic kidney disease

Time : 6th of October 2022 11:06:17 AM Nephrology,Endocrinology & Diabetes

ADA and KDIGO issued a joint report and consensus statements that provide a direction to implement care to improve outcomes in patients with CKD and diabetes. These statements cover diagnosis, lifestyle therapies, glycemic monitoring, pharmacological treatments, and treatment goals. It includes guidance on RAS inhibitors, metformin, SGLT2 inhibitors, and GLP1 agonists.
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FDA approves HIV therapy ibalizumab-uiyk for 30-second IV push

Time : 6th of October 2022 10:23:12 AM Physician/Medicine,Pharma News

Trogarzo was approved by the FDA in 2018 as an IV single loading dose of 2000 mg and subsequent 15-minute IV maintenance doses of 800 mg diluted in 250 mL saline every 2 weeks. This approval simplifies the maintenance dose, which can be given undiluted as an IV push for 30 seconds. The safety profile of this version was similar to that of the IV infusion version.
  Theratechnologies Inc.

SGLT2 inhibitors and GLP1 agonists not cost-effective as first-line therapies

Time : 6th of October 2022 10:22:19 AM Physician/Medicine,Pharma News,Endocrinology & Diabetes

A study says that prices of these drugs should drop by a minimum of 70% for them to become cost-effective as first-line anti-diabetic therapies in the US. The underlying reasons for their poor cost-effectiveness compared to first-line metformin therapy are the lower QoL due to injections and higher prices. But, these drugs had the benefits of lower macrovascular complications.
  Medwire News

Research suggests new thresholds for risk stratification in NASH

Time : 4th of October 2022 01:55:22 PM Radiology,Gastroenterology

Investigators suggested that 16.6 kPa is the best liver stiffness threshold on vibration-controlled transient elastography to predict disease development from bridging fibrosis to cirrhosis. Also, 30.7 kPa predicted liver-related events like ascites, portal hypertension-linked gastrointestinal bleeding, hepatic encephalopathy, liver transplantation and death.
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COVID-19 can hurt your heart muscle

Time : 4th of October 2022 01:04:44 PM Covid-19,Cardiology

Using spatial transcriptomes, researchers compared the gene expression in tissues of infected persons with COVID-19 and the H1N1 flu virus. COVID-19 patients' heart muscles had unique DNA damage that differs from the inflammation in flu patients. These findings suggest that patients with preexisting heart conditions can have poor heart outcomes due to COVID-19.
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WHO says cholera outbreaks are surging across the world

Time : 4th of October 2022 12:39:57 PM Physician/Medicine

Cholera outbreaks were reported in 26 countries this year, causing a spike in death rates, as per a report. Typically, fewer than 20 countries report outbreaks yearly, which is worrying. The fatality rate increased three times compared to a 5-year average and stood at 3% in Africa. Around 33 people died in an outbreak in Syria, stirring concerns in crowded camps.
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